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  • Oct 10, 2005
    ok. #1) i love the lighting on trunks #2) i still love vegeta's tatoo and his pants and finally #3) the song is about a priest molesting a little there some secret message you're trying to send?.....

    awesome job tho ^_^
    • Oct 10, 2005
      Thanks. Not really, not in to incest, though there are some good fics out there, I'm sure. Hehehe....
      • Oct 10, 2005
        ^_^ just checking ^_^
        i don't know why, but i just love his tatoo. did you just kinda doodle it, or did you have a reference pic?
        • Oct 11, 2005
          All tattoos I draw, I do myself. I tried my best to make Veggie's outfit as original as possible. I think the tattoo is a nice touch.
  • Oct 10, 2005
    wow.... This is FREAKIN` AWESOME!!!!!! *hugs* You are a great artist!! Keep up the good stuf comin`!!;)