Posted Jan 28, 2011, 6:40:59 AM

Meet Carolyn and Asim, two characters born from a dream of mine. Or nightmare, actually. I decided to build on it instead of brood over it, and these two characters emerged.

First, some background on the actual story.
The nightmare was actually some guy (who became known as Asim) was chasing me around. For some reason in my dreams I always see myself with long, wavy red hair). After shifting to different areas 7-8 times he ended up grabbing my shoulder, apologizing to me, saying he had to do this (and, mind you, he looked extremely upset about it) and then he stabbed me. I woke up screaming, holding my chest and was kinda dead feeling all day about it. The next day I decided, "Hey! This would be kinda awesome!" and wrote a story around it. The stabby part does happen in the story, but only in a dream the girl has.

This is the story about a girl name Carolyn (Care, never Carrie) who has an unfortunate accident and ends up in another world convinced she is dead or dying in her own.

To see sketches of them (at least until I find time to move everything over to here) please see

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  • Jan 29, 2011
    Hmm, that dream sounds like it means something! Big Smile But either way, it's a cool picture and it sounds like a cool story.
    • Jan 29, 2011
      Haha. thanks. I'm slowly working on getting all of their story fleshed out, but it's taking some time.

      As for the dream... more than likely it does. I had someone analyze it and he said that it seemed that I was running from my shadow self. I vaguely remember that there was something to do with the number of shifts, too, but I can't recall it now.