APH- Tino Väinämöinen FINLAND

Posted Jan 31, 2011, 4:52:53 PM

Axis Powers Hetalia Fanart

Tino Väinämöinen (FINLAND)


I just adore Finland, he's so sweet. He's SANTA!!!!! I totally ship Sweden x Finland, it's an OTP

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  • Jan 31, 2011
    OMG is so lovely! <3<3<3
    • Feb 1, 2011
      Thanks. I love finland. Smile Have you seen any Hetalia? Italy is just so freaking adorable!!!! I think of you whenever he's on screen. Wink
      • Feb 1, 2011
        Ahahah Yep I've seen Hetalia some time ago and Italy is sooo cute but so stupid too! XD LOL "Pastaaa!" XD I prefer PIZZAAA! XD With lots of veggies on! Wink
        • Feb 1, 2011
          Pizza is his second favorite. And I don't see him as stupid as just soooo NAIVE! He's such a sweetheart and sees the good in everybody which, like a little kid, gets him in so much trouble. Smile (His brother Southern Italy however is another personality entirely. I love them both!) Wink
          • Feb 1, 2011
            LOL well real italians aren't naive, they are very streetwise, but I'm happy that japanese people have this idea of Italy being naive and cute, it's somehow comforting... I don't know the character of South Italy but let me say that South Italy should be the naive one and North the most evil because in the North there is so much racism and hate and mafia... and Berlusconi LOL! -____- they live on the shoulders of South Italy, they took everything from South Italy and now they want the secession... it's awful, don't you think? Sad
            I have so many friends in North Italy that are desperate too because of this fascist party, called Lega Nord that wants to split Italy in two pieces, and this Government is helping this party...

            Awww anyway yep, I'm naive like Italy but I don't know if I'm cute enough to be like him! ^^ *clings* "Pizzaaaaaaaa!!!" XD

            COME IN ITALY BB, carry your hubby with youuu! Do that before that this government will close frontiers and will split my adored country in two half! ç___ç
            • Feb 1, 2011
              Oh that's terrible! O_O. I do want to see Italy someday I didn't know there was so much unrest. YIKES!!! (Our News here in the USA sucks frankly. We get very little world news. I rely for world news online.)

              They have the personalities of Italy brothers switched then, cause S. Italy is the Mafioso stereotype. (He reminds me of all my Chicago Italian Cousins. They are all Macho stereotypes and I want to punch them. They are like my brothers we grew up together but they are so terrible sometimes. They fit every horrible stereotype and they make me want to scream.) LOL.
              • Feb 1, 2011
                OHMYGAWD LOL! Your Chicago Cousins are scaaary! I must say, a lot of stereotypes are true: italian men are the macho type, especially the older generations. There is so much machism and sexism in the most rural and bigot zones, from the elders expecially. Now the new generations are more easy, more sensitive and women are more respected... but not in this period unfortunately... We are becoming ignorant and sexists and racists again. As I said to a my dear friend, italians are a sad, ignorant and closeted people now. Information about our country is like the information about foreign countries in USA... Actually every newspaper lives with money from the State, money of OUR taxes, so they are all the same choir when it comes to defend the government. Newspapers are all liars and thieves of citizens' money! We can find the truth only online but the gov is trying to censor even the internet. We are reaching China's and Egypt' levels of censorship! The fault is all of the information, from television or magazines or newspapers... now they talk ONLY about Clothes, Diets, Liposuction and how to conquer a man or a woman... OMG...
                Before Mr Berlusconi, our "beloved" Prime Minister, and his televisions and publications (one half of them are his the other half are controlled by him) italian medias were truly different: full of cultural programs/articles and more respect for the women, more respect for the LGBT community and for our Science. Now you open TV and Magazines and find only naked women and stupid quiz. In the gov you can find only women that blow jobbed Mr Berlusconi, and usually are some kind of stupid women from Berlusconi's tv shows, ignorants with big boobs... -____-
                Ok... I ranted a lot... this is truly awful, but to live in Italy now is difficult and we have the Vatican too here, so you can imagine the Hell is to live here!
                A lot of my gay friends were repudiate from their families and left alone when they were teen, without money. Just left there waiting to die. Our LGBT community is very strong and angry for this reason, it had to survive for real!
                Where I live, in the small Puglia (Apulia) in the South Italy, we have a gay governor: in some way in Apulia we are the future of this stupid Nation despite the bigotry of the small cities on the territory...
                Indeed mafia is born in South Italy but it was like an organization to help poor people. It worked in this way: "I help you and you owe me a favor" and the favor could be anything!
                Now in the South Italy there are little thieves, not so much of an organization. In North Italy there is the real big Mafia, the one with white collars, the one that lives with money from the most awful things you can do to the echology, to the citizens, to the territory.
                Imagine to become rich thanks to radioactive and toxic waste, poured in wonderful lakes or rivers or in the wall of a school with lots of children! This is the Mafia of white collars, all clean and all smiley in the North but lethal especially for the South Italy because the toxic waste are poured in South Italy's lakes and rivers and protected areas, and you find toxic waste in the schools' walls, blended with the cement! You notices that only when children starts to die with cancer...
                Oh my darling, You know I'm living a tragedy like that in my city Taranto. We are the most toxic city in the entire Europe because a rich man from North built and Industry here without the right protections for the citizens, for the worker, for the nature. So we are getting sick, there is an high level of childrens with cancer and dioxin is killing us. You know, I fight against this monster industry, we do a lot of demonstrations and we fight everyday for this cause but we are like flies, none cares about us and they try to kick out us everytime. It's so hard...
                This is the way to work of the North italians: completely unrespectful for the South...
                South was the most rich part of Italy before the Union of the two halves (Italy was divided till the 1800) With the union the north stealed and ruined everything in south...
                I know I'm talking like a racist myself, but it's the truth. Anyway I don't want Italy to be separated again and I don't hate north italians because not all the north italians are racist bastards.
                But I'm disgusted and I truly hate Lega Nord and this Fascist government, the censorship and the awful Prime Minister that is ruining our country and culture.
                It's all his and his crew's fault, really.
                We had him for 15 years now and italians are not understanding the damages he's doing because there is no Information here, he can writes whatever he wants on his media!
                We'll cry sour tears soon, Italy is going to be in bankrupt soon. Sad
                Oh love I'm so sorry I wrote so much in a so stupid english! ç___ç I hope it's not too bothering for you! ç__ç
                • Feb 1, 2011
                  You don't bother me at All! I just wanna hug you so tight. If you ever want to escape to America, I have plenty of room for you and your hubby! Granted I live in Kentucky and there's not a lot to *DO* here. it's pretty here and I have a pool to lounge beside! LOL! And I'll tell my crazy cousins to stay home! Wink
                  • Feb 2, 2011
                    Dawww you're the best of the best my darling! I wish I could escape to America for real and stay with you forever! But I'm forced to stay here because of the job of my hubby and my family which I love. Maybe we could escape all together and buy a wonderful farm next to you and finally be free! <3<3<3 What a dream, sweetie... what a dream! *___*
                    LOL at your cousins! If they want they could come here in Italy and be the macho men freely XD Here they are at home! XD
                    Dawww hug me tight, I love your hugs *clings* *//////////*
                    • Feb 2, 2011
                      You always make me smile sweetie! (And really you don't want my cousins! Even if they are handsome eye candy, you will want to kick them in the pants soon!) Smile

                      And I know what you mean, we have a business here, leaving is pretty much impossible. There are always vacations!! Smile <3
                      • Feb 2, 2011
                        Sweetheart, you are the one who make me smile and feel better always! You are always here to talk with me despite everything... Thank you my sweet, thank you so much! *weeps and clings some more*

                        Siiigh vacations... let's save money because it's a dream to know you in person. You know, my home is your home so if you want to see some Italy I'm here for you! Always! <3<3<3 *dreamy eyes* <3<3<3
                        • Feb 2, 2011
                          If we every make it to Italy you're #1 on my visit list! <3 We will drink Coffee and tea and draw hot naked men! LOL! HeartGrin That would be so much fun.

                          How's your art block these days?
                          • Feb 3, 2011
                            WOW your possible vacation in Italy could be the most beautiful gift FOR ME!!! LOL My hubby does the best espresso ever, very thick and creamy YUM! And we could draw hot naked men all the time, on the beach too! XD *___* WOOOW! *ç*

                            My art block is always here, some days are better than others and I must work the same but the results are not perfect as I would. Sad I hope to crawl back into inspiration soon my sweet! ç___ç

                            PS: I sent a PM to you! ^^
                            • Feb 3, 2011
                              I went through a couple of years of art block. I know how it feels to be "uninspired". Hug

                              I replied to your PM. Heart We'll move our chit chat to PM. Smile