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Posted Feb 11, 2011, 4:21:02 PM


This dress was intentionally started as my own dress in October of last year, and worn for Halloween. I have yet to get hold of any photos of both myself and Emmett together in our costumes. We went as a masquerade couple in black and gold. ^_^

The gown is in three main parts: The bodice (a five-layered, hand-quilted monster...), main skirt, and over skirt.

Oy... my hair is in the way, but here goes:
--The bodice was a hideous skirt in its former life. I found the skirt at Goodwill and instantly knew what I would use it for. That is the top layer, being of velveteen on top, batting in the middle, then the backing. Next is the canvas layer, as usual. Finally, the lining of a simple, sturdy black curtain lining. There were some points at which I had to hand sew trim and such, all of the layers would not fit under my sewing machine's foot. The front panel of the gown was legitimately bought at the fabric store, with two layers of canvas and one of the lining. As usual, there is boning made of 3/8" heavy duty cable ties sandwiched in between all of the layers. So, the bodice is also a corset. The skirt I used was pre-quilted, but subsequent gowns like this will be hand-quilted. It takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r, but it's cheaper than purchasing pre-quilted velvet (unless one finds a skirt at Goodwill...)
--The skirts are relatively simple in that they are both nothing but tulle netting sewn onto their own waistband. The white is the main skirt sewn onto a white ribbon, and the black is a partial over-skirt sewn onto quilt binding. The black over-skirt was actually worn in my "Marmalade" image.

There is a privacy panel for the bodice made out of the same material as the rest, and a little string of fabric roses to string on the back for detail. I will likely be loading other photos of this later.

Sorry for the novel, but I have been hoarding this one until I had decent pics. Full length images will also come later.


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