Posted Feb 12, 2011, 7:52:33 AM

Sometimes a sketch comes out better than intended and rather than screw it up by messing with it anymore I figured I'd leave it alone. Sometimes less is so much more.

All done with just the pencil tool in Manga Studio. That's it. Simple.

Here's HRE (In my fan-verse he is also Germany/Will become Germany.) and N. Italy.

Non-Chibi (Cause my chibi's really suck.) Plus I really like drawing children. 

I love the whole "They were always meant to be/Soul Mates" angle so here they are picking Edelweiss in a field being cute and adorable (and crossdressing thanks to Papa Austria. Really Austria did you never give the boy a bath! LOL!)


First in a Series of "Little Sweethearts" I've drawn for Valentine's Day 2011. I have several Already completed but will space them out posting them over a few days so I don't GLUT the art Gallery.

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