Is This a Kinky Role Play?

Posted Feb 19, 2011, 3:02:02 AM

This image is inspired by the following scene, which is from a much longer story which is located here: [link]


Marley had settled himself at the fancy desk in the pristine suite. He'd begun to ruffle through some paperwork. He was checking dates, meetings and other important business information. 

"Is this some kind of kinky role play? Seduce the lawyer, or whatever you are?" interrupted Ira, the hooker who was currently reclined on the large king sized bed nearby. Though he wasn't there for long. He curled up into a sitting position, then was soon off the bed and leaning a hip against Marland's desk. 

Marley rose his head and quirked a dark brow. His green eyes trailed over the length of the warm body that was now nestled quite near to him. 

Ira offered a grin, "Because I can do that. I can do a little play. It just, uh... it tends to work better if you tell me what exactly we're playing at first."

The hooker reached forward and hooked Marland's tie with his fingers, then tugged at it and smoothed sturdy fingers over the silk. "So what am I? Am I... you're needy little assistant or something? Or, maybe, your client?" He hesitated and gave the desk another little look about, brow twitching faintly, "I know I said the bed was my specialty, but I can do desktops too." 

Marley felt his body's temperature hike up a few degrees from the small gesture of Ira's fingers toying with his tie. The warmth spread up to his face which caused his cheeks to lightly flush. It took him a moment or two to remember how to speak.

"I wasn't trying to start anything. I didn't plan any of this. On bringing you up here," Marley murmured...

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  • Jun 2, 2015
    i love the coloring effects !!!!! please make some more of these gay stuff !!!!