Silversong Siblings

Posted Mar 7, 2011, 5:15:55 AM

Original Artwork for our RPG. The man on the left is my Ranger Character "Garian Silversong" and his Animal Companion, "Sera" (Real Breed: Elf Owl). The Pretty Male on the right is Duo's Character "Ilathel Silversong" and is our darling Rogue with a penchant for Kleptomania and has a thing for beards. 

We play a pair of Twin Brothers (Franternal Obviously) and I am the elder. (By Five minutes). Ilathel is Albino (White Hair/Red Eyes) and I'm Black Hair/Blue Eyes. 

We're both Bisexual but I am DEFINITELY the RANDY one of the pair. (It's actually a hindrance of mine. I hit on everything that has a pulse and a warm orifice), but I really hit on our friend Charlie's Arcane Spellcaster, Stanislav. He "hates to be touched" OCD Hinderance, so I touch him.... frequently. LOL.

Ilathel likes to flirt with her Wife, Allie's character our Female Dwarf Fighter, "Ilda". (It's the beard, he can't resist!!!!) He's forever "courting" Ilda with stolen contraband, particularly beads for her beard.

My Hubby is Our GM... and I told him if he ever kills my Sera in a fight, it's grounds for Divorce. LOL.

None of you really cared about all that info, but I do. So there it is.

I still Have to Draw Ilda, Stanislav and Conrad (the rest of our party members.) But Charlie and Joe have yet to really cement their character's yet and Ilda is a dwarf... I have to really think on this one, she's going to be HARD!


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