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Elemental Vegeta

Posted Oct 16, 2005, 12:58:56 AM
The next in my elemental series, Veggie-head! I'm REALLY pleased with this one, I worked hard on it. Hope it shows.

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  • Oct 15, 2005
    Oh, wow. Awesome fire! Your hard work definitely paid off, this is gorgeous! I love the color scheme.
  • Oct 15, 2005
    Very very cool!
  • Oct 16, 2005
    Woah!!!! That`s what I call FIRE!!!!!

  • Oct 16, 2005
    Yes it does! The cape is very nice and the fire...i can almost feel the heat!!!!! Great job on the proportions...
  • Oct 17, 2005
    Great work! Fire really represents his character!
  • Oct 27, 2005
    Reminds me of the cartoon Avatar...Veggie kun would make the ultimate Firebender. Two thumbs way way up!
  • Nov 21, 2005
    wow..nice..i looove fire!ROFL but what is it with the elemental buisness? itts intresting.
  • May 11, 2006
    MAN TITIS! XD I love it when a guy can pull of covering all of his chest but a small area- he seems to be enjoying himself alot! XD
    • May 11, 2006
      Hee hee! Chest barenes...Thanks ^^
  • Jul 27, 2006
    i love it it soooo reminds me of prince zuko off of avatar though which is cool prince vegeta prince zuko i see the comparsion
    • Jul 27, 2006
      I just had Fire Nation armor in mind when I did it, hence the similarities ^^ Thanks!