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Ghastly Tea Party

Posted Apr 16, 2011, 4:18:25 PM

Completion Date: 04-09-11
Time Taken: 6 hours
+ Strathmore Bristol (Vellum)
+ 05 mechanical pencil (HB Graphite lead)
+ Pelikan watercolors
+ Table salt (Background Texture)
+ Sakura Pigma Micron pens (Brown, Blue, and Black)
+ Prismacolor colored pencils
+ Prang colored pencils
+ Copic marker (Dark Suntan and Burnt Sienna)
+ Prismacolor marker (30% Cool Gray, Pink, Deco Blue, Sand, and Colorless Blender)
+ Sharpie paint pen (White, Fluorescent Blue, and Gold)
+ Pentel gel pen (Gold and White)
+ Watermark added in Photoshop CS2
+ Landscape Under The Ghost ~ KAMINANO - Namco Sound Team
+ Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami - Dir En Grey
+ Break the Ice - Britney Spears
+ Electric Fountain - Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion - Namco Sound Team
+ Gaika, Chinmoku Ga Nemuru Koro - Dir En Grey
+ Jesus - Gackt
+ BLOOD - Deathgaze
+ Beautiful World - Tiësto & Mark Knight feat. Dino
+ Flashing Lights - Chase and Status ft. Sub Focus and Takura
+ C'mon (Original Mix) - Tiësto feat. Diplo
+ Zero 76 (Original Mix) - Tiësto & Hardwell

This has been sitting for over month unfinished. @ n @ Bout time I got around to it~
So while etching my plates in the print lab today I decided to finish this up. This is Kuma (Oka) one of my many raver characters~ I drew here a while back here - [link] in her NeoGeoStar outfit. This time around I wanted to put her in something a little different. I was on an Alice in Wonderland kick at the time and also a Ghost Adventures kick. XD Horrible mix, I know.

But the mix of shows landed me on this. This is Oka's Ghastly Tea Party themed outfit! My god, so much PINK. I don't think I've ever used this much pink in my life. XD I killed a pink marker making this thing. And a white colored pencil..... yeeeeeah. Art supply murder aside, I really like the way this turned out. Of course the scan came out all weird so some of the stuff is vibrant like it should be, but some of it got dulled out. Wtf scanner, c'mon. :\

Artwork, Kuma (Oka) © 2011 P. Lolla (*souls-poison)
Do not use without permission. Artwork and character copyright P. Lolla (*souls-poison); All rights reserved. Do not alter, copy, and/or redistribute under penalty of law.

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