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The mascot of Vegeta

Posted Oct 17, 2005, 7:35:55 PM
I think that Vegeta is much nicer than he appears it :grin:

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  • Oct 18, 2005
    AWW..this is great! Very good work!
    • Oct 23, 2005
      Thank you Vegetacub Smile
  • Oct 22, 2005
    Awwww!!!!!! Its soo cute!!!! I love the expression on veggie's face when goku is holding him!!! KEEP UP THEY GREAT WORK!!!!!!!
    • Oct 23, 2005
      Thank you very much Lauren ^_^
  • Nov 26, 2005
    hahah! this is sooo cute!
  • May 12, 2006
    It's so sickly adorable!! AAAH!! xDDDD Favorite