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Spring is Here

Posted May 3, 2011, 6:29:57 PM

One of the last-minute commissions that I have been doing. I was given free rein to do something with Dhiar and woofie, so I was inspired by my favourite new teacup. Incubus Tales fans unite! :)

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  • May 4, 2011
    Sakura <3 They both look so happeh ^^
    • May 8, 2011
      Thank you! Smile I am so glad you like the picture. I am always happy to hear from you.
      • May 8, 2011
        No problems hon Smile Hug I always love your art even if I don't comment :) I'm just so busy now days that it's getting harder to comment on everything I like Sad I need more hours in the day >.<
  • May 7, 2011
    Ah. been a while since I last been here. Still lovely as ever. ^_^
    • May 8, 2011
      Thank you so much. I really do appreciate all of your comments. Smile
  • Apr 28, 2012
    so cute. i love the pretty flowers Big Smile