Sabine of Seraphik

Posted May 9, 2011, 1:51:16 PM

NZEQ commission for Seraphik/Lucy, of her OC Sabine.

This is a more experimental work, in which I have not done traditional for a while. The lining was done with Staedler's liners which turned out to be completely not waterproof. The lines were savaged as it was scanned, and then it was printed from laser printer and coloured with acrylics, copics, and white gel pen. 

It was largely experimental as I have not worked on laser printer based paper before, it was similar to work on gesso surface. Also I couldn't find a good, functional yellow gel pen and acrylics don't stick to the laser surface well. 

In the end the only thing I had to alter post scanning was fixing the colours to make it look more like the original painting. So I guess it's not too bad? 

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  • Feb 20, 2016
    Fun angle, cool coloring and lighting. I especially enjoy the shape of the masonry behind her,

    her flyaway hair, and those watchful pale-green eyes. Smile
  • May 12, 2011
    Nice; the figure stands out even with the bright background, that's not easy to do.
    • Oct 5, 2011
      Thank you so much! This is such a nice comment, consider that my biggest concern of this picture is HI I AM RED DID I MENTION I'M RED.
  • May 10, 2011
  • May 9, 2011
    OOHHHH- I love the colour in this Selphy! She must've LOVED this picture! IT turned out so beautifully! I'm particularly found of the building around her. There's some beautiful details in it. Very classical ^^
    • May 11, 2011
      Hey Suzie, please do tell about your health! How are things going for you now? Oh man, I've been pissing around Twitter and Tumblr nowadays and just don't reply to my comments enough. Sad
      • May 12, 2011
        Oh, I had an operation in late Feb for endometriosis, and they found that I had stage 1- small growths that essentially kicked my body completely out of shape D: The gyno burned it off though and I'm not eating wheat again Big Smile (GLORIOUS glorious pizza!), but Miriam had the same op just last week and she had stage 2 Sad I'm going to go visit her when she's more recovered and TOTALLY have a big pizza party where a heap of us order the most gluten filled pizza we can find and DEVOUR it till we nearly pop XD IT'll be EPIC.

        I heard tumblr was good- is it losing popularity now? Man, those things are so trendy :/
        • Oct 5, 2011
          Oh man that is intense! How are you feeling now? Your health had been a bit of bastard to you in the past a few years hasn't it. Sad I certainly hope that you are doing better now.
          • Oct 6, 2011
            Oh man- so much has changed since then cause I've had limping issues that I've gone to EVERYONE about, and I'm finally at a homeopath now that says that I'm limping cause of Crohns disease, and she has me on all sorts of watered down poisons and a no fun diet XD It seems to be working, but I wish I was flatting cause it's a pain to my parents. Still saving up for that though >.< Apparently this caused me to be aware of my endo. Go figure :/ It makes sense though. Upset the stomach and everything else follows.
            • Oct 6, 2011
              Yike. YIKE. Sadly it is one of those really annoying to diagnose things, scopes and everything. YIKE. Sad
              • Oct 6, 2011
                Don't worry about me too much Smile I'm on the tail end of that crap Smile I'm hoping to be over it all soon and back to 100% Big Smile