Centaur-What else?

Posted Oct 20, 2005, 5:23:45 AM
First off, let me say that I absolutely SUCK at drawing animals. I can't even count how many times I got so frustrated drawing that stupid horse half of his body. >_< Thanks to some great people, they pulled me through my uneasiness and I was able to create this lovely creature here. Okay maybe I shouldn't call him lovely. That makes him sound girly. Ahem... I was able to create this fine specimen here. How was that? Anyway, this is actually my first drawing that I have walked away from completely happy with. I mean totally happy. Not-wanting-to-change-a-single-thing-happy because of all the work I put into it to make it turn out all shiny and pretty. ^_^ Okay... I think I need to lay off the coffee.:sick:

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  • Oct 19, 2005
    Oh, Switch! He's beautiful! The whole thing is beautiful. And you did a background! I have to favourite this. luv, this is definitely one of your best yet. Shading, anatomy, general thought in this work - all is compiled excellently. You're doing so stinking well! I love you.
    Heart Your doting husband,
    Mr. Butmer
    • Oct 20, 2005
      O.O I can't believe you faved one of my drawings, my dear. That is like a HUGE milestone for me. now I actually have the confidence I need. I am SOOOOO happy that you have faved it. I am going to bounce off the walls now. That said...
      I have been working on this one for almost a week now. Not all at once of course, but I had to keep coming back to it because I got so frustrated with it. I could not get that dang body right. I was seriously at the point of tears a few times. Dumb, huh? But then I just sat down, put some tunes on, and ta da! And I am pretty dang happy with how that background came out as well. Especially the rocks. Woot! I definitely think he is my best drawing I have ever done. I don't know if that is because I had such a struggle with him and turned him from an ugly duckling into a swan, or just because he came out looking pretty decent. Not to mention, he is pretty hot. Laughing For a horse-man anyway. You have no idea how much your comment is loved and appreciated. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. You have always been my inspiration and have done so much to help me progress. I an't thank you enough. I love you too.
      Love always,
      (Your very proud wife),
      Mrs. Switch Butmer
      • Oct 20, 2005
        Tongue I've faved a few of your drawings, luv. Just look at my list of favourites from my profile. I just don't always say so out loud - I leave them for discovery.

        I DO think you've done brilliantly on this one. You are improving in leaps and bounds, and soon things won't frustrate you so much - they will come far easier with practise. Mmm Yummy I can't wait to see more! *hugs and squozes*

        Your loving husband,
        Mr. Butmer
  • Oct 20, 2005
    seee I told you it was soooo goood! I love it girly!! I really do love it to death!! This is one of your best yet...really I love this one!! That is why I am plus faving it!! Woot! Nice job!!
    • Oct 20, 2005
      Thank you so much my love. ^_^ I am completely happy with how he turned out. And I think that background turned out rather well indeed. ^^ And you know how much I hate doing backgrounds. Laughing Thank you so much for faving him. I am sure he will appreciate being faved by such a pretty little thing as you. ^_^ I think I am pretty comfortable with my people drawings. Now I just need to work on doing backgrounds from here on out and maybe one day I will actually try to improve upon drawing animals. But that will come later. Animal drawing is not exactly my bag, baby. Laughing Funny how he went from wearing jeans and a shirt to turning into a Centaur huh? I am just glad that you helped me through my tough times with it and that I didn't toss it. Thank you for always helping me and encouraging me. You give me the will to create. ^_^ i love you. *hugs*
      • Oct 20, 2005
        woot! Keep it up and yes I know how much you hate backgrounds lol I really can't wait for more of your art...but I think I am gonna sit back a relax with my art for a long time. Good luck and keep it up hun! Smile
  • Oct 20, 2005
    Well, tis matey raises a pint for ya, yar!

    That's one AWESOME pic, hun. But i think you know it already, unless you haven't read your mail.

    Two Thumbs Up up for this, way up!!
    • Oct 20, 2005
      Well thank you Joni. You actually came and found him on your own? That is wonderful hun. Thank you so much. You haven't come to review my art all on your own for a long time now and I am so happy that you did now. ^_^ Thank you so much for helping me through my stressful times with this picture. You know how frustrated I was getting with him. But you helped me through it and I am so very glad that you did. You gave me the extra push to stick with it and now look how good he turned out. ^_^ So thank you so very much Joni for the nice review. And for raising your pint to me. Laughing All my love.
  • Oct 20, 2005
    Yay! More of lady's art; you're improving so much my dear, it seems that with every new drawing you're taking another huge leap with your talent. I'm so very proud of you! Favorite
    • Oct 20, 2005
      Aww, Heidi, thank you so very much for saying that. ^^ It feels so good to hear people say that. Because, you know what? I have been working my butt off trying to improve. And this is the first drawing I have ever done in my entire life that I am totally proud of. At first he was just going to be a new OC for me. But then I decided to do something completely different with him and turn him into a Centaur. Laughing A few times I wondered what I had gotten myself into and was about to toss it in the garbage and do something else. But I stuck with it and now I am so glad that I did. And I am really trying to get in the habit lately of doing backgrounds. Just so that I can start getting better at those. I am getting pretty comfortable with how my realism is turning out lately, so now my final obstacle to conquer is backgrounds. And I want to thank you for always encouraging me and supporting me no matter what. You have always done so from the first picture I have ever submitted here. It is a very good feeling indeed to have such good friends to back you up all the time. So thank you Heidi. All my love.
  • Oct 20, 2005
    Hun, like I told you before, He came out wonderful!! And oh so hot!!! LoL Well Lik eI had told you my dear, I knew you could do it, despite all the frustration. It happens to us all. Wonderful job my dear, I am faving this!!
    Mellie Nutr Jr.

    Oh, and did your Wedding take place yet?? Laughing
    • Oct 20, 2005
      Thank you so much sweetheart. You know how frustrated I was getting at it. But thanks to you and Mal and Joni, I was able to keep my chin up and stick with it. You all were so very helpful and encouraging to me and I just love you to pieces. Thank you so much for faving him. That makes me feel so good. I have gotten so many faves on him already and I am so proud. I really did my hardest work yet when I created him and he is thus far my bestest picture. It is very reassuring when you can turn the subject of your frustration into something to be proud of. ^_^ And no, my wedding hasn't taken place yet. I am still waiting on a priest. Laughing
  • Oct 21, 2005
    WOW kristy! I LOVE HIM. He looks like Anakin skywalker...sigh...great job. Im speechless about the work you did on the...damn i never know the word in english...you know the proportion of the horse in the distance Slant!!??? And the background...i really love this. I cant believe how good you are! And you said that you could draw as good as this before! I think you had it in you, you just had to unlock it. New favorite!!!!Smile
    • Oct 21, 2005
      Oh my gosh Lili! O.O I don't know what to say. That is some compliment you have given me. I am totally speechless right now. Let me see if I can find my words. Um... thank you ever so much for the fave hun. I worked so very hard on him. And I almost cried a few times because I absolutely could NOT get that horse body right. I could not get that dang pose right. Laughing But I kept on trying. Erasing. And trying again and I finally got it to look the way I wanted it to. And I am quite proud of how the bg turned out as well because I ardly ever do backgrounds because I Um... what's the word? SuCK at them. Laughing But this one I thought came out good. Thank you ever so much for recognizing my hard work. All my love.
      • Oct 23, 2005
        No problem Kristy! It was well deserved! But do i understand you about the getting angry part. When i start a drawing i always want to finish it as soon as i can ,cuz i know if i stop i wont finish it, i usually end up ruining something...two days ago i told myself i'd take the time to actually draw, i had to stop a few time cuz i felt like tearing the paper but i'm so glad i didn't. After ereasing and erasing and erasing, i did it! Just like you. Mwah to you! Smile
  • Nov 2, 2005
    so this awesome drawing is on this site too cool we will see more i hope...
    • Nov 2, 2005
      But of course you'll see more. Well, as soon as I get off my lazy duff and draw more. I am working on a couple of drawings for a member at FAC right now. I am hoping to have those done by this weekend. As for this guy, I had to draw a man for once. With all the naked women filling up my gallery, I was starting to question myself. Laughing Just kidding. My Centaur has become pretty popular. Which makes me sooo happy. I have been really working my butt off to get my characters perfect. He is my favorite of all of my drawings. Thank you again hun. ^_^ You spoil me.




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