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Gothic Doll

Posted May 27, 2011, 5:46:39 PM

Tools: Sai, Photoshop and wacom bamboo fun from original pencil sketch. (I probably won't upload it.)
Time: 6 hours? Of course took a few breaks to play some Red Dead Redemption, and stuff.. 
I got lazy with the background, So I used a texture stock. 
Hair was something to draw, since I haven't really draw curly or spiraly hair. I didn't know how to start. Browsed Tutorials, and finally got something. 
I flipped this and.. it's off proportionally, but I'm a lazy butt, and I don't wanna fix it. I probably can't fix it anyway. I need to work on my anatomy and proportions.

Background (c)~Enchantedgal-Stock on deviantart

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