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Nap time at Daventry

Posted Jul 31, 2011, 7:40:15 AM

Was for a commission via the TSL forums. IT was a while ago so I want to make sure they still want it. 

Anyways, Young King Graham and Queen Valanice from King's Quest holding onto their new born children Rosella and Alexander (before alexander is stolen away from Manannan that evil bastard who the TSL team can NOT make me like- I refuse). Valanice saw Graham snoozing and put a blanket on them to keep them warm <3

My babies are a little bobble headed but >.> heheh... I image that Graham was very dashing in his youth (He aged WELL), and that Valanice was very beautiful in her younger years (she matured like a good wine ^^) 

Decided to put Graham in his adventuring outfit. He probably feels most comfortable in that. The blue looks pretty on Valanice ^^

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