buttons and bows

Posted Oct 25, 2005, 4:25:06 AM
thay are some charicters I created for a comic I'll probably never get around to making... oh well, I like them none the less.

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  • Jan 10, 2006
    Wow! This is really nice! The're all sooo cute! I'm on my way to the poem now!!! +favs!
  • Oct 25, 2005
    aww! cute wittle vampires! it's adorable! I wanna draw fanart of them!! they so cute! Heart
    • Oct 25, 2005
      thanks for the complement.tecnicly there a set of two angels and two demons I'll post a poem I made about them if you want to know more about them. oh and I don't mind if you do fan art of them. This is my first time on an online art community and it would be an honor for me.
      • Nov 1, 2005
        cool! oh and I really hate poetry, but I would be interested in reading this just bewcause I'm curiuous. amnd theres other pplk who like peotry that might like it too, so go ahead and post it if you want ;D
        • Nov 5, 2005
          I just posted the poem on. so you can read it if you'd like. it's more like a long childrens nersry rhime. I did that on perpose because there "children" no matter how old thay get thay won't age. I hope anyone who reads it atliest likes the storry of it.




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