Holding Up This Lamp Post

Posted Aug 6, 2011, 1:33:40 AM

It's fast women, and slow horses

Unreliable sources

And I'm holding up this lamp post

If you wanna know

-Tom Waits, Jitterbug Boy


I have been wanting to draw this for forever. And now I have. Yup.

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  • Aug 6, 2011
    Yay, Harry doing the Valuable Community Service of Holding Up Lamposts! Good on you! ♥
    • Aug 6, 2011
      Ohman, no preview or edit. this is gonna be painful >.>

      Harena of TheHypertwins
      • Aug 6, 2011
        Oh, this is where that comment was. *takes notes*
        • Aug 6, 2011
          What confuses me is when I go to the art in question, i only see my comment but not your reply.. at least i <i>think</i> i went to the right place... clicked on the icon of the art on the right...

          . o O (also, no preview or edit and my comment about that apparently got lost 'cause i haven't seen that either :/)

          Harena of TheHypertwins
    • Aug 6, 2011
      Knowing Snowtown, it's probably an essential service. Mhm.