Posted Aug 30, 2011, 12:28:21 AM UTC


Really need to practice coloring. I think I colored Ajan and the book relatively well, but I got impatient on the rest. xP I also like the map, but it seems a little bright. 

Crits encouraged.

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  • Aug 30, 2011, 6:51:58 PM UTC
    oh wow, you are looking for dserious critique...? uhuh, i'll try my best~
    first of all i just like the neat lineart, very delicate, i also like the held-back colourcombination, it just fits somehow.
    one of my favourite detail is those rocks in the bg, on the wall...that is just...pretty... =3

    as for what to improve..the anatomy looks very good already as far as i can tell. his motion might be a bit "rigid" but maybe it's a style thing, i wouldn't know. ^^'
    but what defenitely looks off is...how to say..the "space"...uhm..the perspective mainly.. like the book looks way too from "upperview" when the rest seems like we almost see it from a side-view (like the trunk or his move also suggest a side-view).
    the background feels a bit neglected compared to the figure. not the lack of details, i do see the details..just the..."execution" or how to say...
    another thing about the would be the colouring style..but if you like it how it is then feel free to ignore my words that comes now. XD
    so what i mean is that...smooth, shapeless tone-changes looks "off" compared to the rest of the colouring style. same goes for that furry "blanket" he is sitting on. maybe a crisper pattern, texture would work better, of course still with little change in the tone and the hues.
    and what you did with the rocks on the wall...i think it would be better to make more of those patterns randomly...not with the dark outlines but with that different shade of colour, suggesting that it is just pattern there and not a "structural element" (like that hole for the candle - it's cool).
    as for those rocks again - i really like how you did NOT make the whole wall like that, only at a few place - i like that. Corky Smile
    uhm...i hope you got what i meant, i really struggle with words for english is not my mother-tounge. ^^'

    all in all it is a neat image, i like the balance of "minimalism" and the delicate details. that is what captured my eyes to click on the thumbnail. :3
    keep up, you have good skills X3
    • Aug 30, 2011, 9:20:05 PM UTC
      Thank you very much!

      I take any and every comment/crit I get, so long as it's not rude. It's generally hard to offend me unless you're trying, I'd like to think.

      I really have to agree with a lot of what you said. I really need to go back and fix a lot. I wanted to keep the colors flat and subtle, but I think I ruined it with the furs and the background. As for the perspective, think the book throws it off the most, so I may redraw it if I manage to go back to it.
      • Sep 3, 2011, 9:44:11 AM UTC
        I see, it is really cool! Same here, I appreciate any kind of feedback as long as not senselessly offensive and un-constructive. XD

        It's really cool you are dedicated to improve yourself! I really respect that in people. Corky Smile
        Looking forward for more. :3



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