Evening Pink

Posted Sep 26, 2011, 12:53:22 PM UTC

Media: Vector graphic
Time: 15 h

I like the combination of various pink shades with accents of black and white parts. I imagine that this signorina could be a young, Italian fashion model.^.^

This image steps out of line a bit, because there are no outlines compared to my other artworks. Here, just areas of colours are docking on each other. That requires a rethink when designing the image, because I can't lean on my lines, I'm used to. I had to make sure that the same or similar coloured areas remain distinguishable from each other (I resolved it with gradients) and conform harmoniously into the overall picture.

Another speciality of this image: The original file is a vector graphic. That means, the areas are built up of curves jointed by invisible points instead of pixels. That has the advantage that this image can be printed as large as desired without any decline in quality.

For me, it's a very different way of doing an artwork and that makes the work juicy. I have to use other graphic software than usually.

First, I drew a sketch of the girl on an A5 paper sheet and scanned it. I traced (not auto-trace but by hand) the lines with the program Corel Draw, because it works finely for bezier curves, but I coloured it in Adobe Illustrator, because this program does the gradients better.

I've a soft spot for the 1960's style, thus I used it as a influence for the background. I'm not sure if I really can be content with the outcome, because I usually don't make anything in this style and so I've a great lack of exercise and experience.

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  • Sep 29, 2011, 1:14:37 AM UTC
    Oh- btw, I feel your pain with vectors. I did a vector picture a while back. Looks SO awesome done, but the vectors took HOURS. I did mine in illustrator. What issues did you have with illustrator? I would've thought it'd be easier than coral
    • Sep 30, 2011, 11:27:44 AM UTC
      For some tasks, Corel Draw has more and better possibilities of adjustments than Illustrator, especially for modulating beziers. Illustrator would drive me crazy there.*lol*

      For me, it's very difficult to explain, what's missing in Illustrator, because I work with the German language version and don't know how to call all the technical words in english.
      • Oct 3, 2011, 9:21:35 PM UTC
        Ah- I suppose I understand though. IT'd be for a similar reason that I do all my scanning in Photoshop, lines in Illustrator, flattening in photoshop, screentoning in Manga studio, and text then in illustrator. The programs are just easier to use for some things Yes
  • Sep 28, 2011, 8:02:58 AM UTC
    Oh wow! It's so pretty! Is it available as a print?
    • Sep 28, 2011, 1:05:44 PM UTC
      Thank you very much for your nice words! ~^.^~
      Unfortunately, there is no poster available.
      • Sep 29, 2011, 12:03:58 AM UTC
        Oh- that's a shame D: This would look awesome on the wall. Well, it's great to see new art from you ^^ Have you been busy on projects?