Family Portrait II

Posted Nov 5, 2011, 10:18:27 AM

I got me a commission from Fiji-Fujii lately, and yesterday she finished it. And of course, I couldn't keep my hands from it, so it's colored already xD

Soooo most of you know and recognise Asrana and Shayasanya by now, but this is the very first picture ever of Shay's Father, Molgranoth.
What can I say, i like it. His look and smirk is exactly like I imagined it.
Now I just have to wait for my GM to show up so I can play again to see what's all this 'Oh I kill your husband off' thing was about xD

For anyone who might wonder how to such light skinned people could have such a dark skinned daughter - Since I didn't think of that much, when I made Shay, I don't really have an explanation.
BUT thinking about it (and recently watching X-Men first class...) I came up with a solution.
Asrana comes from a dark skinned  population. What if the gene, which is responsible for a human to have the gift of magic is somehow connected to the production of hair and skin pigments, and is also dominant? This would take care of my little problem AND would explain the unnatural high count of albinnism in mages in DSA.

Anyway. Lines by Fiji-Fujii , colors and Characters by me

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