Shayasanya's New Clothes

Posted Nov 9, 2011, 10:00:22 PM

You must think I kept all those images I uploaded to day in a closet, do you? xD
Honestly, today was just so great for drawing an painting.

But the last one, as it was the last one, I didn't spent that much time on it. But I still like it.
My Half elf Shayasanya, for those who don't know.

Media: Paint Tool SAI over pencil Lines ( Din A5)
Time: 3-4 hrs

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  • Nov 12, 2011
    I adore the colour palette you used and her skin looks so soft!
  • Dec 13, 2011
    Started to work on her mother and father, for a different look... Trying to figure out what they wear.
    Image attached
    • Dec 14, 2011
      gosh, you're so awesome with anatomy Big Smile
      Just one request though - make Asrana's face less round, she looks muuuuuch too young.

      As for their clothes. as both are mages, they wear some kind of robe.
      Asrana wears dresses, most of the time elaborate ones like these:

      Molgranoth wears a bit simpler robe, like a male version of #3 or 4 of this sheet
      • Dec 15, 2011
        Yes, that's why I submitted a sketch first. I wasn't going to draw her at first, but he looked so lonely...

        I though Molgranoth might be a bit beefcake for an elf, but I couldn't resist.

        I'll be looking at their clothes later and filling this out.