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Posted Nov 18, 2011, 11:17:03 PM UTC

While talking to my mother, I complained of not having any idea what to do. I needed a break from writing and knitting, and I was kind of "meh" on my usual drawing. She suggested I drew someone from one of my fandoms doing something they wouldn't do.

Once I hung up the phone, I sat down and began drawing.

Now, Wisp isn't technically from SGA, obviously, but he is an OC I use for a lot of my SGA fic. I invented a bunch of Wraith to fill out Todd's crew a little, since we haven't seen many of them, and Wisp is one of those. He's a scientist specialising in bioengineering and neuroscience, mostly.

Since he's one of the closest things a medical officer the hive has, I imagine that the background for this involves him working with the Atlantis crew and picking up knitting somewhere while hanging around. He learns fast.

So it's a Wraith knitting socks. Even Wraith need socks, surely. You need them with boots, and leather doesn't make for good socks. I actually think the most fun part of this was designing a Wraith-style tea cup. They might not need to drink tea, but I can imagine them enjoying it. Wisp would, at any rate.

For all that I knit a lot of socks, I really can't draw people knitting.

Wisp is rather girly for a Wraith male, but let's face it, they're a matriarchal society. I doubt they'd use "you look like a girl!" as an insult or their Queen might eat them.

Gave it a quick colouring job. Yes, the background is kind of crappy. I was focusing on the Wraith. :P

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