Pegasus Drawn Sleigh

Posted Dec 28, 2011, 1:28:48 AM

Harry Potter, dressed in a Santa Clause-esque outfit, in a sparkly dragon themed sleigh being pulled through the wind by a pegasus.


I used several photos of pegasi as referances for this pegasus, and throughout it all it turned out quite well. I took a leaf from a friends book(you know who you are ;) :lol: )and had this one with no black outline. I think it looks much better as such, but let me know what you think. Would it look better if I'd kept the black outline? Or does it look better like this?


My older sister thought Harry was a girl with short black hair and glasses...Did I make Harry to feminine in appearance?


The background image is a pixelated image I found off of, and edited to fit my needs for this drawing.

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  • Dec 28, 2011
    Thank you for making the Xmas effort! Harry Potter is strangely seasonal, isn't it?

    But roast it is. First, it DOES look better without the black lines, which may be why his eyes and mouth stand out. He does look a little girly. It might be the flair on the jacket at the hip as well as the heavy eyes? It also almost looks like he has a bust line.

    This may be a matter of taste, but I would have processed that background way more, simplifying the details to the level of your drawing. The texture on the sleigh almost blends in to the mountain.

    Lastly, the framing...I can't even tell if there is a big sack of presents on that sleigh.
    • Dec 29, 2011
      Alright *rubs hands together* Evil I agree with the background part, I still have allot to learn when using GIMP and Backgrounds is one of the many things needed.

      I agree that the sleigh blends in with the background a bit, I thought about changing it, but decided ""Meh I think it looks kinda cool like that" so I left it as it was.

      As for the sleigh, when I initially drew the sleigh it wasn't big enough to have presents in it or anything like that, Harry's not replacing Santa, he's just dressed in a Santa-esque outfit while riding in a sleigh. Tongue My original drawing of the full sleigh made it a single seater so even Dobby would barely fit in there with Harry, let alone a sack of goodies for children so it didn't matter much to me whether or not the back of the sleigh got cut off. My main focus had been the pegasus, since I haven't drawn any sort of animal in a real LONG time Yes , you can tell by the fact that the quality of the pegasus is better than that of Harry, that's also why he's shoved into the corner instead of focused more in the center, though having the bright red and white Santa-esque outfit, helps make him stand out more, since I didn't want him to simply fade into the background.

      Thanks for the Roast Very Happy , I love it when people are willing to tell me everything about my picture that could use fixing, or looks strange or is just outright, wrong looking ^_^ So thank you Bounce