He's Burning Up - WIP

Posted Jan 26, 2012, 5:44:28 AM

Hiiro (OP): How is he?

Trowa presses his lower lip to Quatre's forehead. A heartbeat later, he pulls away.

Trowa: He's burning up ...

WARNING: This is NOT a yaoi drawing. I don't do yaoi well at all. It's a brotherhood/hurt/comfort one, and yes, there is a story I'm writing behind it, and it's another short-haired Trowa pic. I'm sorry, but I think of the Gundam Wing boys as best friends and an ersatz family.

Besides, even though you can't see it, both Trowa and Quatre are wearing pants.

In the story, called The Hand of Sorrow, an old enemy of the Gundam pilots (and I'm not saying who this person is until I start publishing it) targets Quatre for abduction. Believing that Quatre's the weak link of the pilots and wouldn't fight back because of his pacifistic upbringing, this enemy sends a dozen men, all former OZ soldiers armed with EMDs (a weapon I've borrowed from the BBC series Primeval), to break into his home in the dead of night and take him unawares.

Well, let's just say that Quatre didn't spend all that time with Hiiro, Duo, Trowa and Wu Fei without learning some moves. Even though he's outnumbered, he fights back, but gets cold-cocked, then they haul him away. Later, he gets beaten badly, but not before he gets a few more licks in.

I apologize for the coloring on the boys' hair. I'd used Prismacolor pencils to get the colors right, but the scanner messed it all up. I've been cleaning it up since then using both Pixia and Xara Designer.

Gundam Wing © Sunrise

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