Posted Jan 29, 2012, 12:10:39 PM

A bit spoilerish if you haven't played the game, I suppose. If you wanted to know what that's all about, let's just say in this game, you can bring back the dead through spirit mediums. The only problem is, all the mediums are girls.

I wonder who Edgeworth is more horrified at. His dad or von Karma. I hope I haven't horrified anyone else too much; I don't usually do this either.

This will probably end up being bonus artwork for the "Ask von Karma" compilation I'm doing. It's basically just a collection of the best ask von Karma letters from a spam thread over at PWMusical that got closed down. They were very amusing though. However, I'm also looking for other artists to contribute their work for that bonus section. If you're interested, take a look here:

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  • Jan 30, 2012
    HAHAH! Fey should not summon men to their bodies XD Or maybe they should? XD Manfred though? Do you think he got a death sentence?
    • Jan 30, 2012
      I think it was hinted in the game a few times. Even the Ace Attorney Wiki says just as much.

      Of course, I'd love it if he were still alive for AA5 or something; he makes such a good antagonist.

      I suppose they could do more of him in a past timeline or something.
      • Jan 30, 2012
        Yeah- I did like Manfred. He was such an intense man. Him and Gant are two of my favourite antagonists. Dahlia was evil, but I'd toss her aside for another game with Gant or Manfred in Big Smile
        • Jan 31, 2012
          Besides being a good antagonist, (and this is probably very obvious, judging by the picture), he seemed like a really serious guy (I mean seriously? He shoots the guy who blemishes his perfect record and tazers the defense attorney who finds his letter just so that he can get it back) who's way too devoted to perfection that I just couldn't treat him seriously. I just have to make fun of him because he's just that serious, and it would be a real shame if I didn't.
          • Jan 31, 2012
            Oh, of course Smile You're not meant to take any of them seriously Smile They're all stereotypes with thier quirks wound up so tight you wonder how they can do their job without being fired XD NOONE could get away with being Manfred XD

            That's why I don't like Dahlia I think. She's too close to what a real murderer would be like to me. Coming back from the dead was way creepy too. IT was great story, but MAN, it's unnerving playing T&T with her popping up with her evil little smile! T.T
            • Jan 31, 2012
              Ja, Dahlia is really creepy. But I spent half of the game trying to beat that smug/cute grin she kept using on the judge. Rather satisfying to finally get her at the end, especially since Mia was there too.

              Well, I guess the only unrealistic part I found about her was how she was willing to jump into the river--she could have died. I know they said she was a good swimmer, but that's still a risk that any good swimmer probably wouldn't be willing to put up with.