The Chains of Fate

Posted Feb 19, 2012, 8:09:22 AM

While I was going through my old comics, I remembered how much I enjoyed writing Pseudodragon, a comic I started years ago to rehabilitate myself back into art after tearing my right thumb ligament, but had put on hold for other stuff. There was alot of cool storyline stuff I wanted to do with it, and I'd like to get back into it.

Anyways, I wanted to draw a picture of Julia, Bryan, and Aphra together and this picture came up. Lets see... how to explain without being too confusing...

So, in the story, Bryan is dating Aphra (right), but it's only the warrior soul in him that likes her. He likes Julia (left), and his warrior soul would happily settle for her also, but his love is destined to claim the life of the one he makes love to. Bryan would normally be able to ignore this, but Aphra has other plans for him.

So yeah, Bryan is bounded by the chains of fate, a curse on his family when it comes to love.

For the story of how Bryan got the scar across his chest, see the comic Final Sunset for what happened

L to R- Julia Jones, Bryan Dragon, Aphra Andrews.
Media:- Copic markers on Bristol board, A5.

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  • Feb 20, 2012
    i really like this picture i love the way you did the chains on him
    • Feb 21, 2012
      Thanks ^^ I'm getting pretty much no comments on this picture XD I'm wondering if it's cause people think it's naughty when it's not >.> Apparently a bit of man chest isn't a accepted as I thought it'd be XD *wanted to show his scar TuT *
      • Feb 21, 2012
        i dont think that any art which is drawn paint and that i would call it art no matter what it is people like art paint of people naked so i think this would count because it only showing this chest so it ART and i like it alot
        • Feb 22, 2012
          Thank you ^^ I do like to hear that my art is well received Smile Hug
          • Feb 22, 2012
            that is alright art is art no matter what type or style it is.
  • Feb 22, 2012
    Oh man, I wish I could color with markers. This is so well done. I love it! <3
    • Feb 22, 2012
      My copics were one of my best artistic investments ever ^^ I wasn't so much into them when I had the originals, but when I got the sketxh markers with their brush tips? FANTASTIC. They make more sense to blend than Photoshop does too Smile This picture was frustrating though cause I had just refilled my E00 (the colour of the guy's skin) and it kept colour dumping on my picture T.T Luckily I'm getting good at hiding it Smile I really like how this turned out though Smile Thank you ^^
      • Feb 22, 2012
        Cool beans!! And yes the color dumping sucks a lot. That is why I use color pencils. xD Prismacolors, or Crayola. Though now I use PS and Ai and have no issue with colors. X3
        And I love ctrl+z Smile
        Hand me markers and I am totally lost. XD
        • Feb 23, 2012
          It's only cause I over filled it ^^; When it levels out it'll be fine again and very clean Smile I use Polychromos for my pencil pictures. They're SO nice to work with ^^

          I find traditional medium mixes more sensibly to me, I find digital colour to be too flat and the screen glares at me which is also no fun. Markers make alot of sense though, specially how copics work. They're coded by hue, saturation and luminousity. Low numbers being bright and colourful, and higher ones being unsaturated and dark. For example, a pure middle blue would be B05, where a washed out blue is B45 or something. The background colours are coded something like V23,25,29 for those grapey colours. I think the pink is a RV32, and the blue is a B32 (about). I've found that if you have two similar values on top of eachother they mix really well. IT's... alot harder to explain then I thought it'd be XD I just prefer it. Binary colouring isn't my thing. I like vectors when vectors suit, but digital painting isn't my thing. I need to live with it though. Can't make all my comics traditional Smile
          • Feb 23, 2012
            Some of the artists I watch make digital color look so life-like. But I do understand what you mean, it takes a little knowledge of color to really pump out some nice pieces. Traditionally and digitally.

            I like labeled things xD Makes it easier on the memory!
            I recently fell in love with vector, I am not all that great traditionally...and Vector really helped me get where I wanted to be, artwise. :3
            • Feb 23, 2012
              Yeah, but most digital artists would never go to that level. Digital artists tend to like digital for the following reasons- it's fast, cheap, and easy. Because of this, digital artists I've found don't explore texture at all and settle on tutorials for special effects to make up for what they would normally get very easily with traditional media.

              I understand why it's popular though- on the internet which is probably the only place you'll ever see their art, digital looks better than traditional cause there's no colour loss (no more than traditional would get working under the wrong coloured light anyway), and screens are made to display digital information, not the complexity of 3D data. You'd be VERY hard press to find a digital artist that would allow the imperfections that traditional art gives that bring art it's character though. There's cases where clinical lines and perfect colour is required to me, but as a general rule? I prefer my art to have character in it. IT's also easier for me to colour traditionally cause well... ink mixes differently to light. I enjoy working in RYB / CMYK (depending on how you look at it). There's something special about touching the medium you work with. I only like to do digital nowdays if I know I'm going to print it cause only having digital copies of things? No thanks. That makes me sad Sad I like to see my art in person </ramble>
              • Feb 24, 2012
                True facts, but I don't necessarily watch artists that cut corners. I feel that if you are going to produce something, go the whole nine yards. I started out as a traditional artist, so I understand what you are saying, and agree with your compassion towards tradtional mediums.

                I was always taught to give 100% to your work. Ffff I have mistakes in my work all over the place. xD I think it builds character.

                On a serious note though, I was always given the impression that "I wasn't good enough" so I moved to digital art. :I
                So...I do that now. Though, traditional media will still have a special place in my heart.
                • Feb 24, 2012
                  Not good enough? I... can't answer that cause your gallery doesn't really have any traditional art in it, but one thing I have to say is that different media give different results. if you want a flat finish, you use a medium with a flat finish- not a textured one. IF you want to replicate it for commercial use then vectors are great. If you want body, oils is good. IF you want translucent texture, pencils are good. If you're trying to make coloured pencil look like another medium though, it's not really doing it right ^^; Yuo should use the medium you're trying for even if you have to learn how to use it. I wasn't good at copics when I first started out, but I practised... ALOT. And I learnt how they work. I still fail at the odd occasion, but I do art with copics that can only be achieved with that medium. I dont' try to make pencils look like it anymore.

                  Do you have any of the 'not good enough' art posted still? I could probably tell you what you're doing wrong. You'll probably find that when you learn a few tips on using the medium that it'll all be good, or just simply using a different medium to do the same thing. I can't tell without art to see though Smile

                  Heh- I like to see art with some mistakes in it to be honest Smile Perfect art is boring to look at to me. I know of alot of art accounts for famous artists- I don't watch many of them. They seem to lose their spark when they stay in the industry too long, unless they're employed for what they do rather than to do something else.
                  • Feb 24, 2012
                    Well, ever since I moved into digital, I didn't get the impression or implied tone that "I wasn't good enough" anymore...which sort of makes me feel a bit bitter on the inside. I love traditional and still wish to continue with it. But no one ever seems to like it...Here are some pieces on my main account on DA. I don't have a lot of traditional art up on there anymore.
                    (The blue border on the Semper Fi heart was fiddled with in my early stages of digital art, nothing else was touched)


                    Quail painting:

                    • Feb 24, 2012
                      Hmmm.... Well, I'll tell you my opinion via PM. It's getting a little too off topic to continue this via my picture, and I don't like to be frank about people's art in public Smile I'll tell you what I think, but please don't take me as the final gospel cause everyone has different interests. Take what you wish from what I say an try to improve on it and perhaps I can help you with that Smile
                      • Feb 25, 2012
                        cool beans and no problem! Thank you so so much for the feed back. <3