3 Cool Guys Sketch

Posted Nov 6, 2005, 3:34:31 PM

Well, since it has been awhile since I've posted any artwork, mostly because of an artist block I've been having, I figured it was about time to try to get to drawing. So what I have here is just something I've been working on lately, getting back to basics using the circle and lines method for doing anime head views and stuff. I decided to do a crossover of 3 anime guys that I think are ptetty cool for this drawing, I think you know who the far right and left ones are turning out to be, but I'll not tell the middle yet, even if you guess him ;) lol. I'm having a bit of trouble with Vegeta's arm though on right, I sem to always have trouble going from buff muscle to the elbow, because it looks the same to me for some reason every time lol. I badly need to fix Vegeta's hair too lol, and a little of his facial features. Inuyasha on the far left though, his fire rat outfit has some jaor tweaking to do, and I may resizethe enchanted necklace he wears, I also need to fix the long arm part of his outfit as wlel, it looks like I reversed his arm or something lol. and the middle one, well, that's just needing more work lol. Any advice for Vegeta's muscle would be greatful =)

By the way, I'm still having scanner trouble, so I put the color of my drawing torqoise to show what I mean by having lines going through the art, is there anyone that can tell me what's going on, or if I just need a new scanner *is very confused as why it is doing this* Thanks!

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  • Nov 8, 2005
    Well I am totally going against my pride here because I am not sure if you will delete this or not, but I am offering my advice as a fellow artist. First off, I agree with Melissa that Inuyasha'a neck should be a bit wider, and the beads of subjugation look great, so you should leave those how you have them. His sleeves (where the white shirt he wears shows through) should be down about to his bicep area. As for the muscles for Vegeta, the problem you are having is that you have 2 separate "bumps" for the muscles whereas it should all flow smoothly together. I am going to do a sketch before I go to bed and post it so you can see what I mean and how to achieve the DBZ muscles. Veggie's eyes look pretty good though too. As for the guy in the middle, I have my thoughts as to who he is, but I won't say it just yet. It will be neat to see the finished picture and see if I am right.
    • Nov 9, 2005
      Well, thankyou for the critique Kristy, I'm about ready to post an updated picture of what I've done so far, before I begin my coloring and putting the inking on, as well as some final adjustments. Again thankyou for the critique, and sorry for a late response.
  • Nov 7, 2005
    This looks good so far. I would just say to make Inuyasha's necka bit wider, that way his body frame will work out better. Oh and you might want to straigten out Vegeta's left eye (our left) just slightly. Other than that I think it looks fine. Good job.
    • Nov 7, 2005
      Ah thanks so much for commenting Corky Smile I was hoping to get some advice from someone on the guys >< lol. I've totally erased vegeta's eyes and started over with them lol, I didn't like em anyways >< I straightened up Inuyasha's neck like ya said, and I think you're right about it looking more proportional to his body, so thanks ^_^ I'm working on the middle guy now and tweaking the others as I go along while watching some Anime music videos and referencing pictures of these guys on deviant art lol. Oy..DBZ muscles are so weird >< lol. Thanks again!




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