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Posted Jul 8, 2012, 5:56:17 PM

Okay so I did a little work on backgrounds. I know it's not that good. For one thing I never inked it, just sketched. Then I didn't have a straight edge or ruler, therefore the lines aren't straight and I realized that I TOTALLY forgot to throw in shading and the like. So I know all that, but I decided to post it for a little general feedback on how it is, and ways to improve(I've ALWAYS been terrible at drawing backgrounds).


I also know that the maid looks a little funky. This was more or less something I just threw together in practice, and because I had the DRAW-SOMETHING-OR-SUFFER-A-CONSTANT-ITCH-itis going on. So it drawn rather quickly and sloppily. But still made for decent practice for me nontheless :)

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  • Jul 8, 2012
    I like the maid's hair and her expression. She looks sad.

    Backgrounds are a tricky thing! I'd suggest when you're about to draw a background, do some research and gather reference material first. One thing that caught my eye was the bright colors of the background. One thing that helps is to sample colors from a photo of a scene that feels the way you want your drawing's background to feel.

    Good luck with it! Keep it up. Backgrounds are one of the tougher things to do but it's also an area where there's lots of jobs. A lot of animation work is making backgrounds.
    • Jul 9, 2012
      Thank you Smile I do sometimes use references, though more often than not, I can take advantage of having a partially idetic memory. It's not perfect, but it works. I was going for a more woodsy theme with this one, though I only used textures that were pre-programed onto GIMP instead of making my own like I usually do. Just takes less effort, and I wasn't up for allot of effort in this one.

      As for the maid looking sad, it's the whole "indifferent expression" thing going on. Think of it as, you just got home, and there she is waiting to take your coat, posture perfect, and expression blank. That kind of thing. Tongue