3 Cool guys sketch number 2

Posted Nov 10, 2005, 4:13:43 AM
Okay, after taking alot of time since the last post of this I had, I've gotton some more work done on this, and I must say, I'm very happy with how this is turning out thus far ^_^ I've still got some more minor adjustments to make, and few tinky dinks here and there that I may spot, but this is what I've got to show so far, before I ink and color this hehe. If you think there's something that I should fix, please do tell me =).

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  • Nov 11, 2005
    I love this, Chris! I can see your art is really coming along fantastically. Thay all look adorable; I think it's because of the epression s you gave them, with their cute little mouths and all... hehe! I have to say, I'm not a particularly rabid fan of any of these 3 guys, but this piccy makes me want to glomp them all! Laughing Great job, can't wait to see it finished.
  • Nov 10, 2005
    Looking good. Smile Just the eyebrows and pretty much everything everyone else said. Hehe Smile
  • Nov 10, 2005
    I think the squeezing Ed effect is something Inu and Veg would do intentionally, LOL. Otherwise I agree about the arm and eyebrows but it's looking kewel.
  • Nov 10, 2005
    It looks like they're sqeezing poor Ed. And Vegata's brows are missing but you already know that. Other than that I see nothing wrong here. Looking good.Smile
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  • Nov 9, 2005
    Chris, I am all screwed up right now. I don't know what to do anymore. I have so much troubling my heart right now. I will explain to you my reasons, but not here. Here I will just tell you that I am proud of how far you are coming with your skills. And that your picture is looking awesome. You are doing a really good job on it except for needing to give Vegeta back his eyebrows. Don't forget to fix his arm. I will re-post that thing I did about the muscles if you really want it. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please forgive me... I'm a mess. And I have no problems with admitting it publicly. Just keep up the good work.




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