come down, far below.

Posted Nov 2, 2012, 5:19:56 AM UTC

say hello to my darling zombie witch, Arvil. (:
i felt very inspired after watching some of ~sinix's videos over at youtube, so i decided to crack out a digital portrait!
there's a bunch i can still improve on, especially with face proportions ( and that god awful hair omg ), but given that i didn't use a single ref on this one, i'm really proud of it and thus shall leave it as is. i'll practice more when i get the time; need to try out male faces so i can make a proper distinction; Arvil's feels a tad androgynous to me, mostly around the neck area. any critiques you can dish out, i'd appreciate it!

on a final note, i'm rather surprised by how well Linkin Park's newer music fits her as a soundtrack. LOL

Arvil & art © me
texture © ~chokingonstatic

you can check out my previous portrait here;

Art thumbnail

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