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Paco Suave

Posted Sep 15, 2013, 1:07:39 AM

Paco so suave!

My favourite Justice League member <3


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  • Sep 17, 2013
    ...Why have I never seen your art? Holy cow o-o You're awesome
    • Sep 17, 2013
      You are so kind, thank you! You're awesome yourself, I love the variety in your gallery. Smile I'm trying to be more active here because I love's a really great place.

      I hope you'll continue to enjoy my work! I also do a comic called Incubus Tales, and I'm working on a side project at the moment too. :)
      • Sep 17, 2013
        Thanks XD Jack of all trades, master of none
        I love paperdemon too, but it's even worse than deviantart, in that I almost never get feedback. I've been drawing and posting for so long...

        If you want to see more, I can link you to my DAs XD

        And I'll take a look at your comic *chuckles* I do love incubi... my version of archangel Michael is engaged to one
        • Sep 18, 2013
          I think if more of us give feedback, we'll get more. Smile PaperDemon is such a superior place to DA...I post there, but I just don't like the atmosphere there at all. And it's so restrictive; here, we can post naked people without being terrified they're going to be taken down for some arbitrary reason!

          I'd be happy to see more and I hope you'll enjoy my comic. Currently the chapter is 'Succubus Tales', and it's centred around the regular main character's sister, a Succubus. It's winding down though, so in the next month or so we'll be gearing up for a new chapter. :)
          • Sep 18, 2013
            I tried to get my girlfriend to join but she's way too popular on DA

            DA is too nice to minors and art thieves too...

   is my original art account
   is my fandoming account

            I've already glanced over and I love the art XD Just need to sit and read it
            • Sep 18, 2013
              Thanks! Watched. Smile

              I hope you'll enjoy the comic. It's been running for a long time now and is, as far as I'm aware, the longest-running comic of its type still running!

              Thanks so much for all your kind words. :)
  • Oct 10, 2013
    Well done!
    • Oct 11, 2013
      Thank you very much! I'm so glad you like Paco. Smile