A Younger Man

Posted Sep 19, 2013, 11:46:23 AM

Char: So you said ‘Char really likes young girls’…well, you’re right except for one specific thing…

Gyunei: …!


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  • Sep 20, 2013
    Haha I've never seen this side of Char before. This is awesome. I've always pictured him as this kind of seme.
    • Sep 20, 2013
      Thanks! This was just a little sketch, the last of the day, but it was a scene that kept popping into my head. I guess it's because I've been playing Gundam Musou 2 lately after I got it cheap, so I've been like -- GYUNEI -- and CHAR -- haha! Thank you so much for commenting. Smile
      • Sep 20, 2013
        Oh you're welcome! I have the english adaption to that game (it was a gift). I've always been a really huge Gundam fan (just scored 30 volumes of Gundam 083! *dances*) I love Char. I love everything with Char, even though I swear he has some sort of weird young girl fetish.
        I also really love Zechs (and not just because the name is slightly perverted when someone screams it LOL)
        You're very welcome on all the comments!
        • Sep 20, 2013
          Oh wow! That's really awesome. The voices on the English release of Gundam Musou 2 were really good -- except the narrator, who sounded like he'd just had a fifth of vodka. But I was really impressed by the voices they chose for the English voice-overs.

          I used to follow Gundam a lot more than I do now. My favourite Gundam character is Chara Soon and my favourite mobile suit, accordingly, is the Geymalk. Smile I should do a picture of Chara sometime...
          • Sep 20, 2013
            LMAO!! A Fifth of Vodka is one of my favorite voices. I could always tell he'd rather kick back a few pints then to state whatever goes on. Some of the voices were the old ones (er Wing I'm talking about here... I'm not really sure on the others) Lately I've been trying to fill my Gundam Encyclopedia with all of the Japanese voices. Haha it's silly of me but it's a goal.

            I absolutely love the suits with all the ammo. Heavyarms, Cherudim, Dynames... but I also love Epyon (in that game this one is my favorite to play. Nothin like a dude in a suit that uses a whip)
            And if it was as shiny as the anime made it seem the Hyaku Shiki would make a nice shiny ornament for the top of my tree during winter festivities LOL!

            You should do more Gundam pictures (that is, only if you really want to. I don't want to make it sound like an obligation)! I'm all for seeing that! It is a favorite series of mine so to hear anyone talk about it makes me incredibly happy. I don't really have anyone to geek out with about Gundam. (I shall send you emails!)
            • Sep 20, 2013
              Haha oh man! I used to be such a Gundam geek and nobody around me -- even in doujinshi circles -- was that into Gundam anymore. Char and Amuro really are sort of like the 'Kirk and Spock' of Japan in terms of slash. I never really liked 0079, but I enjoy playing with the characters. I especially liked in Gundam vs Z Gundam that you could do alternate timelines...but it was so hard to unlock them!

              I'll definitely have to do some more Gundam sketches when I can.
              • Sep 20, 2013
                Haha I've been into Gundam for years. As a child I loved Transformers (it's a bit embarrassing to say but my parents got me Megatron and Starscream merch... I can't help but think they were trying to say something to me...)
                Anyway, I've always loved mecha. So seeing Gundam I fell right in love with the series. I have never left it since. I can't say I like a certain series more, though some of them are a little... eh. I do really love them all. Everything in their universe is a puzzle, parallel or not. I find it really cool that there are so many pieces to their universe. I find it even cooler that there's this game where you can play as a character IN the gundams! I was fansqueeing the whole time. It's like I'm 6 again and got my first Starscream toy.
                I love all of these series and all artwork that's drawn from it, I will fav, comment, love and sometimes purchase depending on the venue (I'm slightly claustrophobic...)

                There were a few parts in that game I found especially tricky. Some characters are inevitably hard to play for me. The only one I could master so much beyond mastering was Zechs (sad to say... I dunno what it is about him that I like so much. He's pretty much Jr. Char... maybe it's his fabulous hair... and the uniform. I'm waiting for that blue plug suit he wears *COUGHCOUGH* I'll stop there. LOL)

                I find that not everyone is really into it at all much these days. I mean... I still love it. I've got a great passion for it. I love building the models (such articulation!) BUT I often find myself alone on it.... but I will show my outward affection towards any fanart drawn from the series.
                • Sep 21, 2013
                  I always liked Go-Bots a bit more, but I liked transforming robots. I think that was a really neat idea. The designs in Gundam are really neat sometimes. I really especially like the weird-looking suits like, say, Geymalk and Quebeley, Jagd Doga, even Rafflesia. I think that's pretty interesting to figure out the function!

                  Haha, Zechs is the one I started with in the game! But when I unlocked Gyunei, I mained him...but man, after unlocking Haman, she's just...insanely powerful even starting out. She can make any suit a monster. Which is consistent with the series, really; she's one of the most capable pilots ever.

                  I definitely do need to doodle up more sketches...
                  • Sep 23, 2013
                    It's true too! Those weird designs. Someone's got some crazy imagination. It's also why I love that universe... and anything really with mecha. (I don't know if you like Space Battleship Yamato but that's another favorite series of mine)

                    Haman is awesome. I can't stress enough that Gundam has some pretty strong female characters. She's one of them.

                    Woohoo! More Gundam sketches!