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Double Negative

Posted Oct 23, 2013, 10:06:22 PM

So, to get back into colouring (digitally), I did this illustration of my current obsession George from the latest-main series Silent Hill survival horror video game.

Officer Sewell first appears in the beginning of the game prior to the protagonist Murphy's transfer-turned-bus crash into the town of Silent Hill; afterwards, he more-or-less haunts Murphy through memories and manifestations brought on by the town.

The character of George is a cruel, sadistic man - but hey, I have a penchant for fictional bastards! ;P

I have a few un-scanned sketches in my drawing-pads of George as well, so there will be more art of him from moi . . . along with illustrations from my upcoming fan-novel which is focused on George, and only loosely connected to Downpour.

That's been my current project; writing and studying the corruption of Correctional Officers and the abuse that goes on in prisons.

On that note - there's a fascinating psychology project from the early 1970s known as the Stamford Prison experiment conducted by Philip G. Zimbardo that I highly recommend - horrifying what a position of power does to an otherwise healthy human being!

♡ Pris

George Sewell from Silent Hill Downpour belongs to Konami. Art belongs to me, and that background is from the game itself.

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  • Jan 8, 2014
    Looking good- did you go off a game model / a reference for this? Or go from your mind?