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Posted Jan 10, 2014, 11:39:24 AM

So, apparently Carol Ferris has some sort of feelings of love for Kyle Rayner as of Green Lantern Annual #2, and I thought it'd be hilarious to have Carol sling Kyle over one shoulder giving Hal the middle finger, caveman taking their mate home like, but figured two shoulders was better. Cause frankly, Hal has been a MAJOR jerk and I was teaming up with Carol on this. She needs a break from Hal. I just hope that break isn't one that romances with Kyle >.> I totally dig the idea of her doing the brother sister leveled love thing though :D It'd be great to see a comic with platonic love for once! I really hope it's this!

For context, read these two pages of Green Lantern Annual #2 

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  • Mar 23, 2014
    Hahaha this is funny! XDDD
    YES, I wish there were SOME story where there was some platonic love as well, not the usual hetero-love-love thing all the time. =/
    • Mar 27, 2014
      Yeah- still waiting to see if DC ruin it and make it sexual. I basically know no one that wants them to be a couple >.> If they make it platonic it'll be great. DC will make a lot of fans angry if they hook up though. So far there's a lot of what could be flirting, or just them being comfortable with eachother's company. The problem is that we know that Carol loves Kyle, we just don't know what that love is. I'd be impressed if DC took the correct route and made it non romantic. DC have already stated that Guy Gardner was able to use the love ring cause of his love for the Green Lantern Corps. There's a 50% chance DC will do good on this story. I hope they do >.>
      • Mar 29, 2014
        Aww it sounds good so far then! I just have little faith with big studios 8be it movie, comic, book series or whatever), usually they tend to go with the more generic, fan-service version. And I don't see why, if they haven't notice they don't need to CREATE couples, they can suggest and fans will "fill the gap" and use their imagination if they want them together. So they don't even have to make couples to be popular, it's really stupid and shallow for them to think, absolutely not needed. They can pretty much keep them friends/brotherly/platonic and people will just love them nonetheless. And if fans ship them then they will just make their own version, it's simple. They should really try just once for the variety. I root for this two, haha.
        • Mar 30, 2014
          Me too- it's not as if I'd be upset if they did hook up (aside from me being upset if Kyle / Carol / Hal turned into a love triangle when Kyle announces he's still alive and running off with Carol), but I'm just tired that superheroes can't be friends if they're opposite genders. I'd like to see these two be the difference even if it's only to prove that love comes in many flavours. I'm still keen for Kyle to try again with an ex of his, Soranik Smile