Roselia Loren

Posted Jan 11, 2014, 1:44:27 AM

My name is Roselia Loren.

Today I woke up and realized I’m no longer the fairytale princess.  In one night, I lost the two people in the world who were most dear to me, and now the throne has passed to me.  I, who never even wanted it.  I can feel the walls of my ivory tower crumbling, and there’s nothing now that can spare me from the darkness outside the walls.

Our city is divided in half.  For centuries my family has warred with the Telyras across the Wall.

My heart is growing cold inside me, but it’s still beating.  And that’s what scares me the most.  I’m putting my trust in all the wrong places … like the handsome lieutenant that stabbed my father’s general in the back.  If he’s a traitor, then what am I?

But I know it’s time to stop running.

Could there still be a happy ending for me?


Find out later this year in Talystasia: A Fairytale for Grown-Ups, Volume I.

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