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Posted Nov 17, 2005, 5:42:03 PM
This is a commission piece I finished yesterday, done for a CD cover.  The song it illustrates is called Recognised, so I thought that appropriate for the title.

I think this is the most spiritual thing I have ever drawn in my life.  How odd....

Done in pencilcrayons and edited slightly in the GIMP 2.0.

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  • Nov 17, 2005
    Oh Robin, it is loverly. Smile Is this the commission you had to do with that guy you were meeting with that you were telling me about? Ponder I do remember you saying something about designing the cover for a CD. Perhaps I am mistaken. I live in my own little fantasy world where me and my best friends talk about designing CD covers. Anywhoo... I love the different shades of blue. And the way they come from darker to lighter. And I must say that I love the light beams emanating from their armpits. *giggles* I think it is beautiful and it seems very peaceful. The one on the left though looks a bit unsure of the one on the right. I have a funky way of perceiving things huh? Tongue Perhaps I have been erecting too much. Or perhaps not enough. *giggles* I think I need to go lay down before I hurt myself. All my love. Mrs. Switch Butmer <---- I never get tired of saying that. :)
    • Nov 17, 2005
      I think I'd be a bit unsure if I were glowing from my armpits, too! Besides, the one on the right is a conehead, and you never know what they'll do.

      Yes, this is the resulting picture from the meeting I was telling you about. When I finally broke down and did it, it only took me two days to complete, with plenty of breaks in between, all fixups included. The final copy for the actual cover has words on it, but this is the artwork itself.

      I need to go fold laundry and eat yummy foodstuffs. Love, Mr Butmer.
      • Nov 17, 2005
        Okay sweetheart. You go eat your nummy nums and fold your laundry. Just don't get confused and do it backwards. Sick And this is a beautiful design. make no mistake of that. And yes, you do need to constantly be wary of what those cone heads with the shining armpits will do. Smile
        Love, Mrs. Butmer
        • Nov 17, 2005
          Coneheads make me shake with fear.... But now that's over, and I can't think of what to eat, and all our snow is melting as I type!
  • Nov 17, 2005
    Yarr!! Breth is back with his more-than-idiotic rantle, but moving on!

    This pic is Awesome!! It's just... Wow! Big Smile Oddly enough, this pic reminds me of a tree, that is glistering from the light, as the frost has made a small cover of ice to it... :-\

    Two Thumbs Up up, way up!!
    • Nov 18, 2005
      YAY! I've missed your more-than-idiotic rantling.

      A tree, you say? Hm, how odd and interesting all at once. I suppose that a tree IS a symbol of life, and spirituality is supposed to be the stem of you life essence, so there's that whole conection there... (wow, that was a lot of BS.)

      I'm glad you like it, Joni! Embarrassed
  • Nov 18, 2005
    I really like this one Robin I like the colors and the body shapes are awesome...I mean...what else is there to say other than you are the best Smile
    • Nov 18, 2005
      *blush* Thanks, Mallie darling. I'm not the best, though.... I'm just like everyone else here. You are such a sweetheart!
  • Nov 19, 2005
    Oh...My...God.... This ....wonderful! It`s hipnotizing me....This piccy is great!! It`s very sensual and filled with light! I love the colors and the light effect between them is just spectacular!!!!!Worship You rock girl!This piccy sure did leave me in awe! Great job!!!!!!:worship:Love Ya!Mwah!heart:
    • Nov 19, 2005
      *blush* I'm being worshipped! Thank you so much! You are far too kind. Heart
      • Nov 20, 2005
        Yes,you`re being and you SHOULD be worshiped!!!!!! `cause you`re worth it!!!Love Ya!HeartMwha!