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Show 'Em The Door!

Posted Aug 11, 2014, 9:59:14 AM

Remember Parzival?

He always seems to get into bother with the undead and ends up losing most of his clothes...


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  • Aug 28, 2014
    I want to follow you on this site so bad, but the follow buttons don't show up on your profile ;w; Still love your work!
    • Aug 29, 2014
      That's really weird, they should show up! If you could contact staff about this, I'd really appreciate it!
      • Aug 29, 2014
        I've let them know via that link at the bottom of the page for bugs, because I think it's just a problem with the site. I bookmarked you in the meantime ^^
        • Aug 30, 2014
          Awesome, thank you! Every little bit I'm sure will help. This is such a nicer site and I love it so much more than any other art site out there, so I always want to be sure to do things like that. Smile
          • Aug 30, 2014
            No problem, I think I found out where the issue came from: I went to your redcurtain submissions and found the watch buttons. ^^ Huzzah! Big Smile
            • Aug 31, 2014
              Woohoo! I'm very glad you found them somewhere at least. Smile