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Name: Yūgana Meiyo(pronounced Yuugana Meyou)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human
The younger sister to Yunīku and the first female daimyo in their country, the people have come to see Yūgana as a symbol of their prosperity. She proudly upholds the laws her father fought for, and often kept her brother from his stupid acts when he was alive. She might come off as helpless at times, but she is not to be trifled with. Yūgana refuses to rely on her team of bodyguards alone, training herself in martial arts for the worst scenario.

When the assassins struck that fateful night, she was the original target. Yūgana was to die as a warning, and if Yunīku didn't give in to their demands, they would execute a servant every night. However, due to both siblings having long hair, they mistook her brother for the princess. When Yūgana found her brother dead the next morning, she was heartbroken. She refused to leave her room for weeks, until she was forced to when the servants called a meeting. When Yunīku's personal attendant was chosen to rule instead of her, because of gender, she dared not speak out. The castle and the land were both in deep turmoil over the murder, and her protest would only increase it.

Yūgana was shocked when her brother returned from the afterlife to intervene. His anger had been startling when he lived, but with his new powers, it was terrifying. The servants hastily agreed to promote Yūgana to daimyo when he threatened to collapse the castle. For her, it was more or less good news when Yunīku couldn't find rest, because her life was still in danger. The group of assassins was still active, and would make multiple attempts at her life... However, a ghost haunting the castle would scare off multiple intruders.

In contrary to some servants of the castle, Yūgana has no fear of her dead brother floating around the castle. This because she realizes Yunīku still acts as if he were alive. She tends to consider things longer then her brother does, and is better at making plans then executing them. She still takes advice from Yunīku at times, but has proven to be able to independently take decisions. Yūgana prefers to solve things with diplomacy, but will not hesitate to act when the situation gets out of control. Like her father, she'll place the well-being of her people above her own.

She wears the Meiyo family colours, and the silver pendant she wears used to belong to her father.

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