Posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:41:51 PM

Name: Traetas Etzlilal
Age: Unknown, he seems 17
Race: Demon, Incubus
Sexuality: Secret ~

Traetas(pronounced as Trey-tas), preferring to be called Trey, is an Incubus who tries to live an as normal life as possible. He came to Earth because he's really interested in human culture and habits. He’s able to take any form he wants, but almost always prefers this one. His true form remains unknown... His hands usually look like normal, human hands; this is what happens if he sees something he likes. Trey's somewhat of the typical teen; he can usually be found either texting, chatting, or doing anything that involves him being on the internet. He doesn't mind a good book now and then, though. He works part-time as a bartender, and usually shrugs off the presence of his horns and wings as him REALLY being into costumes.

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