Posted Aug 28, 2014, 12:01:28 PM

Name: Daniel Ison
Age: 19 in human years
Race: Vampire
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hobbies: Cooking, videogames, going out with friends, biting cows

Daniel is a typical 19-year old in a lot of aspects; his life revolves around his job, his education, videogames and his friends. The difference is Daniel needs blood to survive. After moving out of his birthgrounds in Transylvania, he was bitten by a vampire at age 17. He has found the ideal solution to this all: He discovered he severely disliked the taste of human blood after biting a willing donor, so he needed a steady source of animal blood. Daniel scraped together enough money to move into the tenantless house next to farmer Jenkins, and sneaks into the shed every night, where his preferred prey is kept; cows. But if the farmer catches him…

“Get off mah lawn, ya yellowbellied bloodsucker!”

Needless to say old Jenkins loads up his hunting rifle with silver bullets after so many encounters with a vampire. Daniel might not have any use for human food, but he still loves the taste and enjoys cooking in between his long gaming sessions. He aspires to be either a chef or a professional gamer. If you’re wondering how he can go to school or his job during the daytime without burning to ashes, he uses loads and loads of sunblock. ^^

Next to Daniel is his pet dog, Blitz. He’s a Husky and still a puppy, but very smart for his age. Blitz can fetch controllers; a very useful talent for when Daniel chucks his controller at the wall. He has won two dog shows with his ability to learn new tricks easily, but prefers the laid-back life with his owner. He often plays with the cattle next door, who have taken a liking to the little pup.

To avoid copyright issues: I DO NOT own the Legend of Zelda or the Triforce. They are copyrighted to their respective owners. Don’t sue me, I’m not rich! ^^;

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