Posted Aug 30, 2014, 10:10:39 AM

"I'm glad you brought these Cult plans to my attention, Sayen. Should the Ivoryvale Cult manage to obtain the Sunrise MK IV prototype, it would have dire consequences for the rest of the world too. I will take it upon myself to convince king Ackalde, one on condition. You and your friends must convince the other cities to help. The Ivoryvales are too much for the Dark Elves to handle alone."

"You can count on us, general Chaosbreather. I'm glad we reached an agreement."

A scene from Sayen's story, which is taking its sweet time to get rewritten. Sayen and Maevin are on a balcony of the royal palace in Duradi-el, the capital city of the Dark Elves. They have just reached an agreement for the Dark Elves to help wage war on the Ivoryvale Cult. The Cultists are planning to steal the prototype for the strongest Dwarven weapon as of date: the Sunrise MK IV. This hulking cannon is capable of eradicating armies the size of the Uruk-Hai army in Lord of the Rings in a few blasts. If used wrong, it could easily reduce even the mightiest cities to mere rubble. And since the Dwarven defenses are still crippled after a war with the Eastern Goblins, most cities would not want to risk the prototype falling into Cultist hands.

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