3CoolGuys Lineart Color WIP

Posted Nov 18, 2005, 10:21:22 AM

Been a Lil while since I last showed what I've done on this yes I know hehe. I'm sure you've been wondering what has been goin on with it XD. Well for one, I couldn't seem to get into coloring and inking it totally, finally today I decided to DO IT!! Oh, and thanks to everyone that commented on my last post of this, I read all your comments ;) THANKS.

Now then, after I inked this..I was like..uhhh uhhh...I don't really wanna color this with crayola colored pencils *afraid I ruin it ><* lol. So..a new friend I made, had his own drawing he was gonna work on..and for some craziness...we both decided to work on our drawings on..MICROSOFT PAINT!! XD lol. Well, it's been okay for me since I have a tablet now, but my friend has to use a mouse for coloring heh ><.

Anywho, this is coming along alot better than I had hoped, I still gotta get alot more colors layed down =( But I'm gettin to it keke. Not sure what I'm asking for on this, really, guess I just wanna show my progress is all XD. Enjoy what I've got thus far!!

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  • Nov 18, 2005, 10:52:39 AM UTC
    So far, so good Chris. I am not a fan of Microsoft paint, but hopefully you can get some good use from it. The shading will probably be a pain in the a*s, huh? Good luck is all I am saying. Keep up the good work Chris. It is good to see that you are making some progress on it. ^_^ humdidumdidum... I still have a few drawings someone hasn't reviewed yet... ladidadida... what? I didn't say anything. You must be hearing things. Ponder




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