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Name: Dean Alex Parker
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assistant at the local butcher
An inhabitant of Sachio's universe, Dean moved into the city at age 16. He pretty much has two sides to him. One is your average 20-year old: he gets up, goes to his job at the local butcher's shop, hangs out with Sachio after school, and often helps evacuate people when yet another evil being attacks their city. He appears kind and caring, always ready to listen to a friend’s problems and offer advice.

However, when he's romantically interested in someone, things can get a little out of hand... Rivals for the affection of his love interest end up in the hospital along with people who insulted his love, knives mysteriously disappear from the butcher's inventory. The report to the police is always the same: the victim could make out a vague glimpse of their attacker, but couldn't notice specific details due to the speed of the assailant.
With his work done, Dean returns to the butcher's shop, putting the freshly cleaned knife back in the drawer.
He goes to great lengths to ensure there's no evidence against him, out of fear of scaring off his romantic interest. Though he keeps his own collection of knives and blunt weapons, Dean prefers the butcher's knives. When asked, he excuses his assault with 'neccesary to protect his love'. He always makes sure the victim survives, since he feels that merely wounding them already achieves the effect he wants: for them to stay away from his romantic interest.

Chasing a new love or not, Dean's always at the ready to help Sachio out with whatever's threatening the city this time. 4 years of hanging out with Sachio made sure he's not quite as scared of demons and aliens as your average joe... Now if only he'd take some romantic advice from the Araishii Knight. Dean knows Sachio's secret, but has never told a soul in order to keep them both safe. He's never seen without his favourite article of clothing: his brown oversized sweater.

Yes, I based him off the general yandere concept. :D This is why I felt he fitted best in Sachio's universe.


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