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Name: Marshall Kenneth Barlow
Age: 20
Gender: Cisgender
Biological sex: Male
Sexuality: "He'll have something to share in my next project." –Admin
Race: Human
Deacon Way, the neighbourhood Marshall lives in, has a rich history regarding mythology, and was rumored to have a curse resting on it. Marshall found out the rumors were true... The original settlers who founded the village which would eventually grow into Deacon Way were not as innocent as they seemed: many atrocities happened involving innocent passersby. Their leader, Izaiah Folwell, was eventually found, and brought to violent justice by the families the victims left behind. With their leader dead, the settlers quickly dispersed... But with his dying breath, he spoke out a curse: the victims would return every night to spill the blood of the living. The group took no risks: they threw Izaiah's body down a well, and the white witches amongst them made sure his spirit wouldn't torment the living, with an extremely powerful seal on the well.

When Marshall returned home from work one night, he noticed a strange scent coming from the well he passed by daily. He looked down the well, and found there was a rotting body in it. Right when he was about to dial 911 and warn the authorities, Izaiah's spirit broke free of its seal, and showed itself to him. Now, the undead are under his command, denied their eternal rest and seeking new victims to sacrifice to their master. Marshall believed he was seeing things due to his lack of sleep at the time, and quickly went home. He was keeping a doll for his little niece, planning to reattach its head. However, that night would confirm he wasn't just seeing things: the doll was possessed by an evil spirit, and attempted to kill him. He still can’t handle dolls coming to life to this day, and flees at the mere sight of a moving doll.

Marshall mistakenly believed he brought the curse upon the innocent people around him, and decided he also would be the one to fix it. He now defends people against the vengeful dead, and he does his job well. He hasn't lost anyone on his watch until now, and he's not planning to. Ghosts, cursed objects, zombies of any kind, he'll take it on. Using a gigantic chainsaw and a crossbow for long-range, he'll make sure Izaiah won't get his way.


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