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Posted Feb 12, 2015, 7:19:38 AM

Huzzah, another inhabitant of Sebastian's universe! :)

Name: Farryn Whisperbloom
Age: 19
Gender: Genderfluid, affectugender (moving between genders, affectugender = based on how they feel)
Biological sex: "I feel like asking would be rude." -Admin
Sexuality: Gray-asexual
A knight from the Elven city of Brinefell, Farryn helped defend the city from Ulfandas' forces when the kingdom was attacked. But despite the army's best efforts, the walls fell, the king was slain, and a large part of the city was destroyed. A lot of Sebastian's minions which roam the streets today are non-binary, causing discrimination against innocent people due to the hatred of the oppressors amongst civilians. Farryn themself was even discharged from the army because of their gender identity.

The army was Farryn's calling, and they loved their job. They started wandering around after their dishonorable discharge, making their money through adventuring. Meanwhile, they were thinking, somewhat believing something might be wrong with them. However, on their way, Farryn witnesses first-hand what Ulfandas' minions do to people, and comes to the conclusion that whatever the evil henchmen are doing CAN'T be sound judgment. They travel further, but now with the goal of dethroning Ulfandas himself and ending the reign of terror. Finding out they can't do it alone, Farryn is joined by people who all have their own reasons to defeat the oppressor.

Their preferred weapon is a claymore, but Farryn is also highly skilled with maces, one-handed swords, two-handed axes, and hand-to-hand combat. All knights have a basic understanding of healing magic, but Farryn also practiced some basic attack spells... They were forced to give up after their armor proved a better magic conductor than their target. Farryn can best be described as a caring person, yet somewhat timid. However, they easily come out of their shell when other people suffer. They have a strong sense of justice, and genuinely enjoy helping others. Farryn's desire to help others often causes them to forget about themselves, though…

For more info on genderfluidity and other non-binary terms:

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