Flowers coloring book page

Posted Dec 29, 2015, 12:23:38 AM

My sister-in-law bought me one of those adult coloring books as a Christmas Eve gift (Thanks Ashley!). Have you heard of these things? They're really popular right now as a way to de-stress. The night I opened it, I went to town to color this piece of work. The lineart is not mine. It's a page from the "Vive Le Color Energy Coloring Book." I used the pencils it came with.

I tried to take an unconventional approach to the coloring. I wanted to create a focal point for your eyes to rest where the light was hitting the center flowers. I tried to treat the outer flowers as if they were in shadow to create a more interesting composition.

I didn't care much for the quality of the pencils that it came with. I had to press really hard and go over areas multiple times to get it dark and it still wasn't very dark. I ended up with a hand cramp. I would have preferred using prisma colored pencils. But I liked the colors that it came with. The colors are very harmonious.

I've been thinking perhaps our first theme week could be using a limited color palette.

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  • Dec 29, 2015
    oh, lovely coluring Smile

    I'm utterly hopeless at using pencils to colour :/ This is a solid effort!

    Limited colour for a theme week would be cool :)
    • Dec 29, 2015
      Pencils are hard. You can't really erase and you can't cover up a mistake like with paints
      Thanks for the comments
  • Dec 29, 2015
    Wow... That's so pretty!~
  • Dec 29, 2015
    Oh- I've seen the adult colouring books getting popular. I've gotten a few pages off Etsy from an artist I follow. IT's a fun idea Smile I like the colours in yours Big Smile
  • Dec 29, 2015
    It really does draw the eye to the flowers in the center . My wife is into those coloring books right now , hers are mostly geometric designs though .
  • Jan 4, 2016
    creative approach to coloring, I liked how you explained it.
  • Jan 11, 2016
  • Feb 14, 2016
    You are really amazing with color.
  • Jan 27, 2019
    The colouring came out so nice! Very lovely! =^.^= ♡
    • Feb 6, 2019
      Thank you. This is one of my favorites
      • Feb 10, 2019
        You're welcome! Smile