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Isabella Pallet challenge

Posted Jan 10, 2016, 9:15:36 AM

Did my weekly challenge on Dragon Age 2's swashbuckling siren, Isabella. Not sure why she specifically was summoned for this colour pallet since she doesn't match it colour scheme wise but I rolled with it XD

Been meaning to draw her for a long while and I finally get to do it ^^ <3

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  • Feb 3, 2016
    Really nice use of the palette given. The contrast between the skintone and the background is so pleasing.
    • Feb 3, 2016
      Thank you Smile This pallet was good cause it has a high contrast and hue variation. I've seen ones where the colours are totally similar XD It was a bit of a challenge to decide how to use the colours, and sometimes there's no great way of using them. They're great for opening the mind to exciting colour pallets though Smile I should try them more often. I'm still very intimidated by colour, but it's getting better Smile I have a positive relationship with colour now finally XD
      • Feb 4, 2016
        Oh, I hear you. Color is a real challenge, and even a couple of years of formal art training didn't help me ^^;; I am getting better at it now though, and seeing what you did with this one inspires me to give some of these color challenges a try!
        • Feb 4, 2016
          HAHAH! You talking about it with me inspired me to do more XD Been a bit dry on art this week with moving, but it'd be fun to crack out some pallet challenges in the next week :3
          • Feb 5, 2016
            Ech, trying to do ANYTHING creative during moving is impossible. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next, though!
  • Jan 16, 2016
    The colours look brilliant, I think the colour scheme looks great on Isabella.
    • Jan 17, 2016
      Thank you Big Smile IT was a great pallet to work with cause it had some contrasting punch and tonal variation. Some of the pallet challenges out there don't have much variation. This one had a lot to work with Smile
  • Jan 11, 2016
    This is really awesome. You're so good! Nicely done with the colors and the shading. The anatomy is great, too. I'm so impressed by how much you've improved over the years.
    • Jan 14, 2016
      Thank you Smile I think I made a few jumps in the last year with my flow cause of a Proko tutorial on flow lines that finally clicked with me- I donno. I just didn't GET life drawing till I watched it, and colour is slowly becoming OK for me too after years of fighting. Damn- it's been HARD to come to terms with it, but I think I might be getting ready to do actual studies, and learning the complimentarys etc... finally Smile I started off trying all that stuff and realised that it caused me a lot of anxiety cause colour its self was so foreign to me. I'm way better now Smile Colour is a sort of fun-ish portion to art that I play with a little now, so now I think I'm ready to study it a bit :3

      I'm glad these little milestones are showing through though. My progress in art isn't huge with how much I manage to do in a month. It's great to hear that I have been making improvements lately though TuT I was worried I hadn't made improvements cause of not drawing much XD
  • Jan 10, 2016
    awesome !
  • Jan 10, 2016

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  • Jan 10, 2016
    You are pretty magical when it comes to colour already Bounce
    I've been staring at this for quite some time now and i'm still pretty speechless ^_^;
    • Jan 11, 2016
      Thank you Smile I think the lineart helps a lot, and being well rested. The pallet was also an interesting one cause it had different hues and luminosity. Some pallets don't have the variation which is super hard to work with >.>

      IT's really good to see that colour is getting easier though TuT I've fought for years to have a working relationship with it. Heheh... thank you Smile