Posted Jan 12, 2016, 3:54:59 AM

A painting I ddi for a cat rescure group to auction off to help raise money. It the 1st of three. 

They have helped me out with my cats so I am helping out the best I can. 

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  • Jan 12, 2016
    its great
  • Jan 13, 2016
    Nicely done. How much did it auction for?
    • Jan 13, 2016
      It has not been put up yet. I kind of have this thought in the back of my head they are gone to want to keep it. If that happens they have to but it since it is for helping to raise
      money for the group.
  • Jan 14, 2016
    this is really nice , showing only the blacks and the eyes is a striking composition .
    • Jan 14, 2016
      Thank You. I did it abstract since to me it looks better.