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Posted Feb 9, 2016, 3:46:40 AM

Happy really late birthday / Christmas, Perchling! <3 This was really fun to draw hehe.  Nikola and Jasper wrestling and being kinda weird and cute.  I think if Jasper started to like Nikola, he would mess with him all the time and do stuff he knew was annoying to the little bunny.  I don't think it would be a legit kismessitude (idk if they can even feel romantic feelings), but I just thought to add spades since they were sort of fighting.  Pfffff.  But their relationship would likely be more positive than negative, or at least how I see it.  Will Nikola and Jasper meet in canon?  I have no idea pfff.

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  • Feb 9, 2016
    So cute, Nikola looks like he is having a great time.
    • Feb 10, 2016
      LOL does he?? That's funny. Thanks for the feedback!
  • Feb 9, 2016
    Nice work on the shading. I like the glowing eyes.

    Jasper reminds me of the final fantasy tonberry.
    • Feb 10, 2016
      Thank you! x3 I'm glad you like it. Haha I've never played that game.
  • Feb 20, 2016
    Somewhat eerie, to me, but also very visually engaging. Very dynamic pose on the green one, and I enjoy the texture retails in its eyes - the glossiness and lighting and concentric ridges. The grainy texture and curved patterns inside the spades are fun, too - they have a surprising amount of volume at a closer glance. Smile
    • Feb 24, 2016
      Thank you very much! <3 I wish I knew the right words to convey my feelings back since this is the first comment I've ever gotten that was this quick yet detailed haha. Makes me feel good x3.