Tarnion the Tinkerer

Posted Mar 12, 2016, 3:31:12 AM
Hottie tinkerer Tarnion, half-Rakshasa and all hunky!   Want to see how I coloured this piece? I made a video tutorial just for you, so please check it out!   I’m available for commissions and I welcome support on Patreon.

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  • Mar 15, 2016
    What ever is on that sheet of paper is obviously distressing.
    • Mar 17, 2016
      It's a schematic, so it's probably defying any conventional logic, as those tend to do. XD
  • Mar 29, 2016
    The punchy speed lines background really makes him pop ^^ I enjoyed watching the video for it too Smile
    • Apr 2, 2016
      Thank you so much! I'm so very glad you enjoyed the video Smile I really worked hard on getting it put together, and I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it and like the picture. Smile
      • Apr 5, 2016
        I did TuT I'm sorry I can't be more active on your Patreon. I'm feeling very overwhelmed lately with stuff to do. I am keeping up, but I'm pretty quiet for now >.<
        • Apr 9, 2016
          I am so grateful for your support and kindness. <3 I'm sorry too for being so quiet lately, I've been overwhelmed as well and had some things happening in RL (like migraines and relatives in hospital) that it's made me scarcer than usual. But I am always, always happy to see you whenever you can make time. Don't ever feel pressured. Smile Take care of yourself!